About Coach Zul

Founder CZI Resources. COO ZNS Synergy Sdn Bhd. CEO IQP Solutions. eUsahawan Master Trainer, Business Coach, Professional Learning Facilitator (Mastery), Certified VEST Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis, Certified Hypnotist, Certified HypnoParenting. Certified Microsoft Trainer. Certified Google Analytics. Certified Google Adwords.

10 Years in BUSINESS Coaching
5 years in private sector
4 years serve as government officer

2016 - Present (2021)


I am currently managing 3 company, CZI Resources, ZNS Synergy Sdn Bhd and IQP Solutions. I work as a Founder, COO, CEO and Routine Position as Master Trainer to conduct training programs, and engage full-time as Head of Operations for a company branch. I am also responsible for expanding company products overseas such as Ghouzou, China & Maakah City, Saudi Arabia.


Executive Director | Prolead Consultancy

My great experience here as Former Executive Director at Prolead Consultancy. Our project is Develop and Deliver Corporate Training, Entrepreneurship and ICT Module at World Class Standard.


Freelance Trainer

This year, I became a Freelance Trainer. As a new IT specialist with entrepreneurial world, I chose to work alone and to search for knowledge with many companies that run training programs. From here I get acquainted with many entrepreneurs about the world of Training and start engaging with various courses such as Certified Coach, NLP, PLF and Hypnosis


IT Manager | KISTECH

Here I know about the job world of private companies. I started as a regular executive, until I became a Manager of the Company, I ventured into corporate business and Multi National companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Kaspersky, Intel, TELCO and directly involved developing MSC status companies.


Schoolnet Facilitator | KKMM

Provide ICT knowledge to Rural Student & Develop ICT Syllabus for School Student.


Pegawai Pemantau Harga, PPDNKK

Gov Officer at PPDNKK


Bussines Development Manager | Relau River Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Provide Tourist Services, Tour Guide Services, Tour Package, School Package & Manage Company Operations & Marketing

About Me

Coach Zul’s expertise is to bring high impact courses in entrepreneurship, human capital development and leadership as well as to help entrepreneurs through Business Coaching and Marketing Skills Through Social Media programs.

my leadership Coaching Program with dmfk

5 Years in Higher Education


Master of Business Admin, OUM


Bachelor fo Computer Science, UPM | Master of Business Admin, OUM


Malacca Matriculation College (Physical Science Course)

Special Awards



2018 - Top 3 Best Trainer eUsahawan

2017 - Top 3 Best Trainer eUsahawan

2016 - Top 3 Best Trainer eUsahawan

2004 - Commission as 2nd Lieutenant Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU-UPM)

Qualification & Certification

CZI Resources business coach
IQP Solutions Master Coach
Certified NetPreneur Master Trainer
Certified eUsahawan Master Trainer
Certified VEST Coach
Certified Professional Learning Facilitator (Mastery)
Certified Hypnosis (CH)
Certified Hypnoteraphy (CHT)
Certified HypnoParenting (CHP)
Certified MICROSOFT Trainer
NLP Master Practitioner

Certified Google Analytics

Certified Google Adwords


Design (Photoshop) 80%
WordPress (Develop Web) 85%
Facebook Ads 90%
Instagram Ads 80%
Google Ads 70%

Entrepreneurship Training Skill

Training 98%
Business Coaching & Mentoring 95%
Business Model Canvas (BMC) 95%
Business Strategy 90%
Business Branding 80%
Business Management 80%

Contact Me?

My Personal Book

I managed to publish 350 pages of My Own Book known as Biz Online Marketing Mastery, BOMM.

This book has been reprinted 5 times and always gets orders. This book is a reference for many entrepreneurs because of the easy-to-understand descriptive method along with ScreenShot the right steps / methods when starting an online business. 

Biz-Online Marketing Mastery, BOMM is a complete book for Entrepreneurs to start an Online business.  

This book also has an eBook version, available at

Download Coach Zul Profile here

Pn Noorul Shafini Annuar

(012) 679 0473

Coach Jamil Wahab

(013) 314 7008

Guru Rizal Hassan

(012) 328 4135

Business mentoring

This Program Help Your Business/Entrepreneur Gain Extra Knowledge Within 1-6 Month Mentoring Course. Module Such As Improvise your Sales & Marketing, Skill & Networking & Success Method During Mentoring.

learning / Training / Consultation

This is 2 hour Talk or 1-5 Days Session with our Team, lead By Coach Zul. We can customize our Module for your Organization and Team. 

Personal Coaching

To Help your Business With Personal guide, personal Discussion anda Personal Coach! This Coaching Covered Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership and Spiritual.

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